Addo Game Drives | Photo Gallery

Some images of what you can expect during Addo Game Drives - A variety of wildlife on offer in the Addo area.

Spekboom: Popular in Addo region. It is edible, with a very high nutritional value. It is a favoured food of black rhinos, elephants and kudus. The good news is that we can eat it too. With a slightly lemony taste, Spekboom leaves are juicy and full of moisture, making them the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ during a long day’s hiking in the arid Karoo. Popular Cape Town restaurants like the Pot Luck Club use this succulent as accents to their beautifully crafted dishes.

For all the birding enthusiasts. During Game Drives to Addo you will see abundant bird species.

Addo Game Drives by Addo Alive Located at: 5 Riverside Drive, Colchester, Addo, Eastern Cape. Phone: (+27)414680943. .

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