Addo Park Tours

Your Game Ranger:

Only the best is for us! We are fortunate to have Shaun who is not only fully qualified and experienced, but is also wise to the ways of the animal resident in the Addo. He is passionate about wildlife and their environment and welcomes the chance to answer questions. You will learn so much from him during our Addo Elephant Park tours.

Who can ride?

These game drives to Addo Elephant National Park are offered exclusively to those guests staying in accommodation at The Happy Jackal Guest House.

What will you see during a Game Drive?

Wow! The list is endless. Let’s start with the Big Five,

  • Elephant: Well over 600 African Elephant and still counting.
  • Black Rhino: Who knows? No-one will tell you where to find them or how many there are. This is to protect them from the very real threat of poaching. You may see them while you are with Shaun but, shush….keep it to yourself!
  • Buffalo: Over 400 of these magnificent beasts. Herd sizes vary from solitary bulls to herds of hundreds. By the way, they are the Lions’ preferred snack. An interesting fact is that our Buffalo are Bovine TB-free, rare in Southern Africa, making them highly valuable to those wishing to increase their stock.
  • Lion: Our 9 Lions are the supremely handsome Kalahari Lions. Huge, powerful and healthy. (From munching on all those buffalo, perhaps)
  • Leopard: Solitary and nocturnal, we are not sure how many we have. Motion cameras take photos at night so we know they are around. Don’t sit under that tree!

Our open Game Viewer:
This powerful 4X4 Landrover has proven itself to be hugely popular as it gives you the experience of a closer encounter with the wildlife. Choose the height of seat you wish and with no windows to obscure the view, get those cameras snapping!

Ranger and Vehicle rules:
Our vehicle adheres to all SANPARK's  specific specifications, and follows the speed limits set. It may not drive on unauthorised roads and is inspected once a year by the Parks Board to ensure the safety standards are all systems go.
Rangers are the eyes and ears of the national park authority as they are out and about in the national park most of the time. They provide a contact between visitors, local people and the national park authority.
The Ranger must be qualified by either having a FGASA 1 or 2, have a Professional Driving Permit (PDP) and agree to follow all the SANPARK's rules.  It is vital that guests listen to the instructions of the Ranger for everyone's safety. Our Ranger is always in contact with other Park Rangers during our game drives addo elephant park.

Golden rule:
Listen to our Ranger and follow procedures, so that you can enjoy a wonderful day in Addo with plenty photos!

Now for the "Little Five" and interesting facts:

We would love you to acknowledge the smaller and less noticed little chaps whilst on one of our game drives addo elephant park .

Elephant Shrew:  A mouse-like mammal, it uses its nose to find prey and uses its tongue to flick small food into its mouth, much like an anteater.
Leopard Tortoise: The leopard tortoise will gnaw on bones in order to get vital calcium into its own body.
Ant Lion:  Having marked out the chosen site by a circular groove, the antlion larva starts to crawl backwards, using its abdomen as a plough to shovel up the soil.
Rhino Beetle:  Over 300 species of rhinoceros beetles are known.
Buffalo Weaver: These names come from the nests of intricately woven vegetation created by birds in this family.

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